What Should I Bring To Camp?

  • a warm sleeping bag or sheets and blankets (it can get cold at night)
  • pillow
  • pajamas
  • clothes for five days (it usually is hot during the day and chilly at night)
  • towel and washcloth for showering
  • swimsuit (one piece or tankini, please)
  • an extra towel for the pool
  • personal hygiene items like toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, deodorant, soap, etc.
  • sunscreen and chap stick
  • pen or pencil
  • Bible
  • flashlight
  • tennis shoes or good walking shoes
  • extra money, if you wish. There is a camp store which is open once a day where kids can buy a Camp Dunamis Sweatshirts ($20) and snacks. However, this is optional.

PARENTS, please label all itmes and remind your young people to be responsible for whatever they bring with them. Kids who bring money, may give it to their counselors for safekeeping. 

What Should I NOT Bring to Camp?

  • cell phones, i-pods or any other electronic devices. These items will be confiscated for the week.
  • clothing and swimwear that is not modest and appropriate for a church camp. For example: No bikinis, spaghetti straps, tube tops, offensive logos, or underwear showing.
  • extra food or candy - Any food taken along for the trip should be eaten and not brought into the cabin. Food or candy left in the cabin is an open invitation for rodents.