Why Reconciliation?

Southern California is culturally and ethnically diverse. With that diversity comes a richness of culture and the pain of racism.  Camp Dunamis was birthed in 1988 out of a dream to confront the problem of racism in our society. 
Camp Dunamis’ twofold vision is to help youth identify and weed out the seeds of racism in their own lives and to help them develop a personal relationship with the Lord, Jesus Christ. 
How does Reconciliation happen at Camp Dunamis?

Camp invites youth from all cultures to live, sleep, eat, play, pray and talk about God together and in so doing to make friendships with people from other cultures, thus beginning to break the racial barriers. Camp Dunamis is one of the most diverse camps in the nation, both in terms of our campers and our camp staff. Our camp sessions are specifically designed to teach campers the value of diversity.